About Us

Canva Shot is to help photographers and graphic designers all around the world to share or sell their work. We believe the photography is serious art to capture the moments. Where graphic design is the art of carving the imagination into a picture. By using the platform of Canva Shot, one who has a burning desire for the art and ready to share or sell their pictures, images, graphics, etc. Canva Shot is here help them by generating passive income. Therefore, any individual who is willing to share or sell their original work can use to Canva Shot platform as a source of income.

What are we looking for?

We aim to make the biggest collection of images, with help of largest group of photographers from around the world. Therefore, we are expecting following from a photographer/graphic designer.

  • Passionate about your work.
  • Original Work.
  • High-Quality Images.
  • Variety and Contribution.

Looking Photos to Buy

We provide high qualities images under the different category.


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