General questions

Any professional, amature, traveler or hobbyist photographer or graphic designer can sell their images.

There is no as such qualification required. All you should know to take high-quality pictures.

Image should be original (you should be the owner), high quality and should fit under any of the categories listed.

You can earn by uploading your best work on Canva Shot. By doing this you can showcase your work to the customers, even if you are not online. Whenever any customer buys an image, the price paid will be transferred to your bank account after deducting the small percentage share.

By sharing the website link and your work to social media, marketeers, etc.

All uploaded images are first scanned and approved by the admin to be available for display.

It may get rejected due to any of the following reason.

  • Image quality.
  • Image resolution.
  • Image format.
  • Any kind of issue during the upload which was causing the error.
  • Inappropriate image, not fit with Canva Shot policy.

Tags are nothing but keywords. By adding it to your images, help customers to search them.

After deducting the payment process fee from the selling price, you can earn 80% of the remaining amount of each image sold everytime . This amount will get transferred immediately to your give bank account. 

No, registration is absolutly free.